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  • Portfolio and Asset Management – We designed a portfolio and asset management tool for your professional accountability because we know it is fundamental to your trusted position. Our web-based client/server management tool gives you direct access from every corner of the world. Manage your client’s portfolio including stocks and bonds, and even calculate interest in common accounts. You may readily track and monitor assets whether real or personal, tangible or intangible. Prepare customized reports from fiduciary investments to equity interests. With our easy to use portfolio management tools, you have accountability and answerability at your fingertips with a point and a click.
  • Income Accounting and Distribution of Assets – We offer complete trust accounting for all transactions. Whether assets are bought or sold, or income is collected or disbursed, we let you track all cash movements using our secure web-based accounting management tool. Our security features offer multi-level controls giving you the power to set user permission levels. Perform accurate tracking for every cash movement from income to principle. We have made it easy for you to manage the financial and personal affairs of your clients.
  • Banking – Prepare checks for expenses, and monitor principal and interest. With a click of the button, you can issue or void checks, maintain banking balances and reconcile multiple accounts. Need a quick report? You can do that too with ease. Want a reminder when certain bills or deadlines are due? Easily setup reminder notes on the calendar. For security and more control over check writing, the security features allow certain users you chose to request checks, but allows only the administrator of the accounts to perform the check writing feature. Our banking management tool offers complete banking operations.
  • Reporting System – Duties to report and inform are readily compiled with our reporting system that lets you customize your administration-required reports including account performance reports. In addition to customized reports, you can even use the tax reporting system for those taxable estates and trusts or other taxable payments as the result of income distributions.
  • Safeguard, Control and Protect – Separately maintain accounts and records, and adequately administer your duties through our custom designed web-based management tool designed to safeguard, control and protect so that you can administer your duties of trust. Recordkeeping, accounting and reporting—all rolled into one management tool that is user friendly and securely available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year from anywhere in the world. We take the worry from you and offer a secure and safe management system. See security features.