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Tracking and Accountability

  • Case Management – Our case management tool is designed for the representative payee whether you are a person, or a health care or nursing organization that is responsible for managing the affairs of others. Whether you are in charge of the affairs of one or two hundred people, our management system is designed for you. Case management allows you to track the needs for housing, medical or personal items of your cases, and allows you to make special clinical notes as to each of your cases.
  • Tracking and Accountability – This specially designed tracking and accountability management tool allows you track each case for social security benefits, manage clinical care and other maintenance needs. Keep track of time spent, make detailed notes and reminders using the calendar. Our product also offers you the tool to set important dates such as reporting deadlines.
  • Payee Accounting System and Banking – We know how important it is to have a complete payee accounting system in place. At we offer easy to use banking that offers you to manage each case receivable, payables and to reconcile bank accounts. You can even prorate interest based upon a beneficiary’s portion in collective accounts. The internal security controls allows you to set user permission levels to ensure the integrity of your accounts.
  • Reporting System – We understand your responsibility to report and have created a special system so that you can prepare understandable and up-to-date reports on how money was spent and how much money remains for each of your clients.
  • Security and Integrity – Safe, secure and easy to use our web-based management tool offers multi-level security modules and allows you to control user access. We have so many security features incorporated in our management system.
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