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e-Guardianship Online Software System Security

Security Benefits and Features

  • Secured Data Solution - No need to hold personal and financial information in your computers and laptops. We offer secure encrypted authentication for access, and all your data is safe and secure. Computers and laptops can be stolen, or they can crash by viruses or other means. Personal accidents can ruin hard-drives. With web-based eGuardianship software your data is secure and we take the worry away from you.
  • Virus, Malware, Trojan Protection - The server that eGuardianship runs on is protected by AVG File Server 2011. AVG is a very popular anti-virus software company with over 100 million downloads world wide. AVG 2011 File Server Edition provides award-winning antivirus and anti-spyware protection for Windows file servers, preventing viruses and other threats from spreading across your network. It utilizes Smart scanning to keep your file servers running at peak efficiency. It has Automated Security Updates, plus security monitoring and reporting capabilities.
  • User Security and Permissions - We offer multi-level user access permissions, which allows you to decide who has access and to what degree. Do you want assistants to be authorized to issue checks and input data such as invoices, but do not want them to print checks? Well, this is easily done by simply assigning user access permissions.
  • Security of Private Data and Personal Data – You can easily protect the privacy of your client’s financial and personal data by limiting and controlling the user permissions and controlling who is able to log into or perform certain management tasks. Our secure server offers the protection you need. See additional security features.
  • Security and Data Retention – When your case closes, you can readily download your data from eGuardianship. All you then have to do is issue a closing order, and we will delete your information from our protected server—after you have successfully retained and verified the data!

    Click here for details about our Server Security Features see security features