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Adequately Manage AND Report Resident Accounts

  • Resident Management and Accountability – Prepare intake reports, customize individual resident needs and their financial income and disbursements, as well as create individual reports of supervision related issues including consultation, treatment or medication issues that arise, with our user-friendly web-based management tool. Whether you have five or five-hundred residents, you can manage it all with our all-in-one management system.
  • Financial Accounting – Track state and federal receivables, pay resident bills, and manage their financial affairs effortlessly. Our eGuardianship management system is designed to help you meet your financial responsibilities in all aspects for a full and complete accurate accounting.
  • Fiduciary Reporting Requirements – We have specifically designed our management tool for required nursing and group home resident reporting. Calendar mandated reporting and application dates, and easily generate reports of receipts, purchases, and distributions. Adequately report resident movement in and out of the home or facility for financial reporting too.
  • Safe, Secure and Protected - Our security features are HIPAA compliant and is designed for privacy by offering you with a safe and secure setting, while offering multi-level security permissions. You control who has access to what information on our web-based management system. Need an assistant to issue checks but not print them? Want to restrict access to banking but not resident log notes? No problem. Simply adjust user access according to your needs. Also, we maintain backups for you so you don’t have to worry about protecting your accounts. See more Security Features on our link to the left and learn about our server security in detail.